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About DutchCulture


Cultural Exchange TR-NL has been developed by DutchCulture to stimulate cultural cooperation between the Netherlands and Turkey. It is based on a research headed by Teike Asselbergs of Connect Istanbul. The main goal of the site is to offer qualified background information on the cultural infrastructure of Turkey and the Netherlands, an index of relevant organizations and individuals and up to date news and a list of cultural events.

DutchCulture operates in the areas of culture, media and heritage. The organisation is the result of a merger of SICA, Trans Artists and MEDIA Desk Netherlands. DutchCulture will also take up the tasks that were assigned to the discontinued Netherlands Institute for Heritage (Erfgoed Nederland). The office is located at Herengracht 474 in Amsterdam since 1 June 2013.

The digital platform Cultural Exchange Turkey - The Netherlands is maintained by DutchCulture's Turkey Desk, formerly part of SICA. The Turkey Desk aims to further cultural cooperation with Turkey.

DutchCulture is supported with a four-year grant from both the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, DutchCulture receives regular funding from the European Commission.

DutchCulture offers services to ministries and local authorities, artists and cultural organisations, embassies, the creative industries sector, civil society and the business sector.

Visit the new website www.dutchculture.nl , which is currently being developed, for direct links to all the running websites.