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Theatre - Snow


Luk Perceval is directing a stage adaptation of Snow, the compelling novel by the Turkish Nobel Prize-winner Orhan Pamuk (1952). Pamuk sketches a portrait of his native country with subtle humour: a huge border zone between Eastern and Western values, a world where reason, lust and religion have for centuries fought for precedence and where each individual has to choose for himself how he interprets Turkish identity.

This production is a cooperation between NTgent, Zina, Female Economy and KVS.

1 Dec - 7 Dec

‘My Child’ film screening


On 23 November the Common Purpose film ‘My Child’ will be screened in the Dutch Chapel as part of a course. Both the filmmaking and the course itself have been supported by the MATRA-program in the past years. ‘My Child’ is a movie on parents of LGBTI children, who want to inspire and help other parents in accepting their LGBTI children. After the screening, the movie will be discussed.
The film screening is not open for public, but for more information, please refer to ist-matra@minbuza.nl.

23 Nov

Nilgün Yerli Kabare - Ankara


Dutch writer, actress and comedian with Turkish roots Nilgün Yerli is coming to Turkey in November to perform her ‘Yerli-Yersiz’ show. The cabaret style show aims to establish a bridge between cultures that have prejudices against each other. She stages her shows with a humorous language and enriches them with music.
Ankara: 20 November
Istanbul: 22 and 24 November
Izmir: 27 and 28 November.

20 Nov

International Puppet Festival Istanbul


Turkey has a deep-rooted puppet tradition. This year the 19th festival will be held. Various artists will bring puppetry from all over the world together in Istanbul.

The talented Dutch artist Ananda Puijk uses movement, puppetry and music to bring philosophy and poems in visual form on stage. On 17 October, she will bring a dramatic performance about regaining self-confidence in a transforming body.

17 Oct

A Corner in the World Festival


A Corner in the World is a festival for performing arts in Istanbul, Turkey. It presents innovative and experimental works of theater, dance, music and visual artists who work in close geographical proximity, but have few opportunities to experience each other’s work and develop a dialogue.   The second edition of the festival will take place between October 1st and 12th, 2016 with the participation of artists originating from Turkey, the Netherlands, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Tunisia, Armenia and Romania.

1 Oct - 12 Oct

Lichtbende Theatre - Izmir


During the 10th Izmir International Puppet Festival, the Lichtbende Theatre will perform Tutu.

A contemporary projection theatre accompanied with magic lantern, gramophone and live music. A feast for both eyes and ears, “Tutu” will take you to the time period between the two world wars.

8 Mar - 9 Mar

Ankara Comedy Festival - Nilgun Yerli


Nilgun Yerli will be perfoming Ankara Comedy Festival on 24 March

Nilgün Yerli, a Dutch actress of Turkish origin, is going on tour in Turkey with her show “Yerli Yersiz.”

The cabaret style show written by the actress, aims to establish a bridge between cultures that have prejudices against each other. The artist depicts multicultural social life and “the melancholy of life from different angles” in her own words, stages her shows with a humorous language and enriches them with music.

24 Mar

Rayan Panday in Istanbul


Rayan Panday is a stand-up comedian from the Netherland and is inspired by many stand-up comedians in the world. Rayan had several tours in the Netherlands and performed many times on Dutch TV shows. In 2016 he will give a live performance in Istanbul and Ankara. The performance will take place on January 19th at the Chapel of the Dutch Consulate in Istanbul and in Ankara on 21nd of January.

19 Jan

The Little Blue Man - International puppet Festival Istanbul


The Little Blue Man will come to Istanbul for the international puppet Festival. The act won the first prize in a  puppet master contest  broadcasted on Dutch television. One of the puppet masters also plays Tommy from Sesamstraat.

14 Oct

Nâzim Hikmet Festival

Visual arts

From 29 September until 3 October 2015, Podium Mozaiek will be housing a multidisciplinary festival about the life, work and ideals of a great poet in exile: Nâzim Hikmet.

Theater RAST and REART Collective, in collaboration with Poetry Circle Nowhere and Agora Lettera and Podium Mozaiek, are organising a multidisciplinary festival around the life and work of Nâzim Hikmet (1902-1963). The programme will be about his poetry and literary work, his ideas, the image that the public has of him and his relevance to the present time.

29 Sep - 3 Oct
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