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Ms. Deniz Kılıç is the director of the theater department of the Anatolian Cities Film House Association. They have been performing since 1997. The first plays they performed were 'The Epic of Sheik Bedrettin' and 'The Epic of Turkish Revolutionaries' by Nazim Hikmet. They made the music for the plays with 'bendir' (a frame drum) and 'baglama' (a string instrument). Deniz Kilic is also a member of the music band 'Grup Perisan'. They reinterpret Anatolian Music with base, drums, electro guitar and baglama. Their reinterpretation of 'The Song of Mechanic Mamet Halfe' (http://www.muzikmakinesi.com/denemeler.htm) was a top hit in Antep. They have performed in bars and have performed concerts in Duzce and Syberia (1000 people).