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Prizes and grants


In 2008, ETMK has started an award scheme under the title of Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards in collaboration with a governmental institution (DTM,  Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade) and a business association (TIM, Turkish Exporters Assembly) and Industrial Designers Society of Turkey (ETMK).  

This award scheme is organized within the framework of the TURQUALITY® program with an aim declared as “to make visible the benefits that good design brings to the society and industry in Turkey, by rewarding good design which respects user needs, and provides added value and competitive advantage to the product”. It is an accreditation system established to support companies having a potential of building strong brands and to upgrade the international perception of products made in Turkey (www.turquality.com).


As it is written on its specifically designed website:

“Design Turkey Product Design Awards evaluates products on industry basis, which are manufactured and launched in the market, of which the designer, manufacturer or trade mark owner should be of Turkish citizenship. Products fulfilling, “good design” criteria receive Good Design Award, “superior design” criteria receive Superior Design Award, five outstanding designs with Turkish trademark among the superior design award owners receive TURQUALITY® Design Award. Award winning designs get the permission to use the award mark on the product and in its advertisements. Award winning designs are presented and promoted through exhibitions and publications (http://www.designturkey.org.tr/)”.

In order to encourage innovative ideas that will guide the industry for future, within the framework of a specific theme determined biannually, Design Turkey Conceptual Design Awards evaluate design projects which have not been scheduled for manufacture.