Graphic design

Graphic design does not have its own content, but feeds on the content of other areas, such as contemporary sciences, economics, history, philosophy, art and literature.  As such, graphic design does not transform societies; societies change, and consequently graphic design changes. The aim of graphic design is to inform about these social changes - it reflects, comments on and transforms the information into a message. The same counts for contemporary Turkish graphic design. It functions as a mirror of social advancements, and as a result graphic design also transforms, becoming an expression of values such as freedom, democracy, education, equal income distribution, human rights and sense of justice advancement.

In Turkey today, a graphic design activity of a certain standard exists. The development of communication technologies has enabled graphic design to elevate its quality and expand its operational area. But it is not enough. In order for us to advance further, all the obstacles regarding education, science, communication and human rights must be completely eliminated and discrimination must come to an end.