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Concert: Aynur - Hevra/Together


The Kurdish singer Aynur Dogan is performing in Paradiso, Amsterdam on 6 April.

She is born in 1975 in Tunceli (Turkey) , she attended the ASM Music School in Istanbul, where she studied singing with Begüm Erdem and Aşkın Metiner. In 2002, her first album, Seyir, was released. Besides taking part in concerts and albums of artists and groups such as Metin-Kemal Kahraman, Mikail Aslan, Grup Yorum, Orient Expressions, Lütfü Gültekin and Anjelika Akbar, she has also performed the vocals for television and cinema. She has performed at home and abroad in Kurdish but also in Turkish. Her album “Keçe Kurdan” (“Kurdish Girl”) was released by Kalan Music in 2004.

Rising quickly to the top of Kurdish music albums, “Keçe Kurdan” has received a significant amount of attention, both in the Turkish and World press.

A short time ago she released her highly anticipated new studio album entitled “Hevra”, with co-production of Javier Limon and Sony Music Turkey.

6 Apr