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Baraná is the musical crossover concept of Turkish singer/instrumentalist Behsat Üvez and Dutch reed player Steven Kamperman. It involves a series of projects, starting in 2002 with a composition assigned for the big ensemble Baraná & Co.

Baraná champions new music that contains lots of diversity and playful improvisations, but never forgets its age-old roots.

An interesting feature of Baraná is the broad taste of the leaders Behsat Üvez and Steven Kamperman. Their basic ingredients may be Turkish and Dutch, the resulting flavours surpass all categories. Especially striking is the exciting communication between the musicians. The music can go anywhere anytime.

A recurrent feature of the Baraná-ensembles is ‘the meeting’: the meeting of old and new music, the meeting of east and west, the meeting of composition and improvisation, the meeting of strong musical personalities. In these meetings, Baraná combines the strength of tradition with the vitality of modern music, thus creating an unheard-of language.