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8000 year- old İzmir, having a history dated back Neolithic Age, is one of the unique cities of the world with its historical treasures. The city acquired its old name from an Amazon Queen called "Smyrna". Izmir, which had been a host town to many civilizations during history, owns historical traces of great civilizations and one of the Seven Wonders of the World (Artemision-Ephesus), Agora from Roman times, and the known oldest bridge in the world which is registered in Guinness Records Book.

As a harbor city, İzmir is the second biggest city following İstanbul with respect to its lively economic life and the intensity of industrial enterprises since 16th century when it acquired its noteworthy place in the commercial life of the Mediterranean Region and the World. Both domestic and foreign trade has been highly developed in İzmir thanks to its free trade zones, international fairs and industrial zones. The Harbor of İzmir, as the harbor of the third biggest city of Turkey, is the biggest importer and the second biggest exporter of the country and is the touristic, industrial and cultural centre of the Aegean Region. Ege University with its half century past takes its place at the focal of educational and cultural life of İzmir.

The University is situated in Bornova, which is one of the biggest districts of İzmir. The University Campus with its 3700 hectare of parkland is composed of many buildings used for educational, cultural, sporting and social purposes. The Campus is equipped with parking areas, roads, traffic signs and direction signboards. Furthermore, interdivisional, intercity, national and international communication is possible due to the fact that the University provides Internet and phone networks throughout the Campus.

There are a central library equipped with the latest technological devices and facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, a sports hall, football fields, tennis and basketball courts, miniature-football, an arts hall and a Campus Culture Center with a capacity of 750 pax., a student village for accommodation needs of Ege University students, cafeterias, a university club house, a shopping center, a hypermarket, a guesthouse for university members. Besides, there are dormitories administered by The General Directorate of Students´ Credits and Dormitories within the Campus.

Since Ege University is located on the crossroad of Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir, the access to intercity transportation means is free of problems and very fast. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also provides local transportation by means of its scheduled bus services and underground services between Üçyol and Bornova line. These services enable students to reach the campus every part of the city. The new private dormitories were put into service for the sake of improving our students' accommodation means by the Academic year 2006-2007 in addition to the dormitories run by the General Directorate of Students´ Credits and Dormitories.

Apart from the Rectorate and Campus site in Bornova, there are Atatürk Cultural Center in Konak, vocational training schools in Tire, Bayındır and Ödemiş, applied training centers in Urla, Menemen, Mordoğan, Çiğli and Özdere, a Students´ Training Hotel in Çeşme and an Observatory in Kurudağ. In addition to these facilities, there is a summer camp facility serving for both students and university personnel in Özdere. With all these facilities, Ege University aims to serve its students and the public in terms of educational, scientific, health, social and cultural needs. There is a Students´ Training Hotel with a capacity of 100 beds near the Campus except for the one in Çeşme. In order to extend the services provided, there are projects going on for additional building constructions, opening new faculties and schools for the coming years.

Ege University is the choice of the ones who would like to have an education that welcomes all sorts of scientific, cultural and social novelties and to integrate the knowledge that contemporary age requires with daily life practices while feeling the pride and the privilege of being an Ege University member in the course of life.