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Satellietgroep is an artists’ initiative created in 2006 in The Hague (The Netherlands) for the purpose of studying the cultural significance of oceans and seas from the perspective of the arts and science. We challenge artists, designers, (landscape) architects and scientists to develop new concepts and projects that articulate a cultural, innovative and sustainable significance of the sea and its coasts. Our projects include Satellieteiland (2006), Zeedelijk (2007), S. MAG (Sea Magazines from 2007), EXOOT (2008) and the artproject BADGAST- artist in residence, Cinema at Sea and Talks @ BADGAST (since 2009). In addition we develop international exchange projects concerning the sea, like CCC @ ART PIE 2010 ISTANBUL (2010).The sea belongs to everyone and thus to no one – words that not only define the world’s largest public space but also leave it unarticulated. Arts and science can express the spatial and social qualities – as well as the problems – of our coastal areas, and make them surprisingly accessible to the public. It’s these works that transform a destination normally marked by consumption and recreation into a platform for critical communication and serious reflection.BADGAST – ARTIST IN RESIDENCE @ SEA One of the projects by Satellietgroep is BADGAST, an artist in residence program situated on the Dutch coast, where international artists and scientists work at the invitation of Satellietgroep. BADGAST is built of 2 stacked shipping containers by recycle architects Refunc for Satellietgroep. BADGAST is situated at FAST, the new urban beach community that is created at the point where the boulevard turns into the harbour of Scheveningen, The Hague, The Netherlands.CINEMA AT SEA @ BADGAST In the open air Cinema at Sea, we show films – both conceptual and documentary – about the sea. Satellietgroep invites guest curators to compose a special film program as a tribute to the sea.TALKS @ BADGAST Satellietgroep invites visonairy artists and scientists to give a talk about their projects concerning the sea.COASTAL RESEARCH ‘Op Scheveningen’ – research on the conceptual, social and urban impact of the sea in Scheveningen/The Hague (2009-2010). 
‘Concerning the sea: Combine, Compare or Conflict?’ – For CCC @ ART PIE Istanbul 2010 Satellietgroep screened 14 videoworks – both conceptual and documentary – that reflect on the conceptual, social and urban impact of the sea and waterways in both Turkey and The Netherlands (2010). In 2011 we screen the project in The Netherlands.
We are developing a coastal network around the Black Sea.

Satellietgroep is organized as a worldwide coastal network.
Founders are Jacqueline Heerema, conceptual artist and urban curator : http://www.jacquelineheerema.nl; Andries Micke, architect : http://www.mixd.nl; Bas de Koning and Hederik van der Kolk, graphic designers : http://www.studioduel.nl; Jan Korbes and Denis Oudendijk, Refunc recycle architects who built BADGAST air in 2009 : http://www.refunc.nl; Marianne Volleberg, cultural anthropologist.For documentation of our projects we have a Pool of Photographers/filmmakers and a Pool of Critics with Peer Review Group, who write about the projects and will develop a strategy for reflection on longterm transdisciplinairy projects, in collaboration with Domein voor Kunstkritiek.Satellietgroep is developing an international contemporary art and research collection concerning the sea. We are working on a publication (expected 2012) that will be introduced by an exhibition and debats. We aim to develop BADGAST into an international research and presentation centre for the purpose of connecting knowledge, experience and works for new strategies concerning the sea worldwide.