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Tal dans | Mustafa Kaplan - Filız Sızanlı

Phone: +90.533.338.59.77

Taldans Company has been established in Istanbul by Mustafa KAPLAN and Filiz SIZANLI in 2003. Kaplan and Sizanli have created many independent and collaborative projects. Some of the projects they have created together are Sek Sek (2003),, Solum (2004),, Graf (2006) and Dokuman (2009).

TALDANS was named after the Theater Research Laboratory (TAL) of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Theater in which a movement-dance research unit was established by Mustafa Kaplan. A number of individuals who used these studios by the support of Ayla Algan and Beklan Algan have founded CATI (Contemporary Dance Artists) Association after leaving Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Theater.

Yelin Bilgin is the Manager